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How to Cope With Low Neutrophils?



Summary: Low count of neutrophil cells in the human blood is the prime cause of the deadly disorder called Neutropenia (Leukemia). Abnormal rate of production and destruction of the white blood cells is the main reason of this low count. Treatment procedures for low count of neutrophils include bone marrow biopsy, blood tests, neutrophil granulocytes transfusion, proper nutrition, increasing the body’s immunity, etc.


An abnormal low count of neutrophils characterizes an acute disorder called Neutropenia. Neutrophils constitute up to 50-70% of the circulating WBC’s (white blood cells) and the prime agents to impart immunity of the human body so that it can fight attacks from bacteria, viruses, etc. Low neutrophils results into Neutropenia (which is also termed as Leukemia) i.e. a reduction in the immunity of the human body.  The causes for low count of neutrophils are many. It can be due to a malfunctioning in the production of the neutrophil cells in the bone marrow. Unusual destruction of the neutrophil cells due to an autoimmune disorder of the body or due to a parasitic attack can also be the reason.  Other causes can be certain medications like chemo-therapies  etc. which destroy the bone marrow and hampers the generation of neutrophils.


How to Cope With or Treat Low Neutrophils Count?

Treatment for low count of neutrophils begins with the very step of diagnosing the gravity of the disorder. This is done by performing blood tests and several other diagnoses. Doctors even carry out biopsy of the patient’s bone marrow so as to confirm whether the patient is suffering from Neutropenia or not. The treatment procedures adopted for coping with this disorder depends upon the test results and the diagnosis outcomes.


If the neutrophil count being low is determined to be from  a parasitic attack by viruses or bacteria, then several anti-viral and antibiotic medications are prescribed to the patient for treating parasitic infections. Meanwhile, if the disorder is reported to occur because of nutritional deficiencies, then the doctors with the help of nutritionist prescribe a balanced diet to the patient. Deficiencies which cannot be met with a balanced diet are eradicated with the help of several nutritional supplements and other complementary diets. Doctors even prescribe certain medications and nutritional supplements which have proven their efficiency in increasing the count of neutrophils in the human blood by triggering their production. In case if the patient is diagnosed with chronic neutropenia, then the doctors prescribe neutrophil granulocytes transfusion treatment to the patient. The neutrophil granulocytes transfusion is also complemented with several other supportive medications.


A low count of neutrophils reduces the immunity and thus, makes your body more prone to other diseases and infections. Hence, when it comes to cope with low neutrophils count, it is equally important to observe certain guidelines and precautions so as to escape from the effects of low immunity. Some effective measures to avoid infections are following a balanced diet, drinking lots of water and other fluids, taking ample rest, etc. Visit your doctor regularly for checkups so that even if infections occur, they can be treated at the earliest.

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