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Calculating Absolute Neutrophil Count Example Video

Here is a video example of how your absolute neutrophil count or anc is calculated to further understand the method of calculation of neutrophils active in your complete blood count.  Note that there are two formulas discussed; one with polys and bands and one without to determine your ANC count.  The ANC calculator available on this site is calculated using polys and bands as demonstrated in this method.  Both methods will give an accurate anc calculation.




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ANC Calculator: Knowledge of Your ANC Count Can Save Your Life

Overview: ANC Calculator is used to measure the neutrophil count in white blood cells. Learn more about it in the article as well as use our onsite version and watch our example video on how it is calculated

A complete blood count offers detailed information including three cell types – platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells. These cells are basically found in the bone marrow in few areas of the body such as the skull, ribs, sternum, backbone, and so on. Each type has a separate function and if the count decreases, it can be very harmful for the individual and often leads to failure of immune system. To prevent such circumstances, one must measure the blood counts via an ANC Calculator to know precisely what one’s absolute neutrophil count or ANC count is.

Blood Cells – Types and Characteristic
Before understanding what the ANC does, it is imperative to know what these blood cells are. As mentioned before there are three types;
• Red Blood Cells or RBC is what carries oxygen through the system. Containing hemoglobin, these cells are also responsible for removing waste items from the tissues of the body.
• White Blood Cells or WBC is what helps the body fight diseases and infections. For a strong immune system the WBC count should fall between 3.3 and 8.7 K/ul.
• Platelets are responsible for blood clotting. They help in stopping the blood flow after injury by clotting the blood.

White Blood Cells and Neutrophils
White Blood Cells can be further divided into five types which travel across the body destroying infection in the body – neutrophils, basophils, eosinophils, lymphocytes, and monocytes. The one which dominates is Neutrophils which makes up 56% of WBCs in the body and is responsible for attacking bacteria and other infection inside the body, making you strong and infection resistant. Neutrophils can be further divided into two types – polys which refer to fully-grown neutrophils and bands which refer to young polys.

To maintain a healthy body one must maintain the level of neutrophils in the body. Monitoring it is necessary and this is where ANC comes to rescue.

What is ANC?
ANC or absolute neutrophil count measures the total number of neutrophils in the blood. Also called the absolute granulocyte count or AGC, the calculator follows a simple formula where the total number of WBC is measured along with the polys and bands’ percentage. Once that is measured, the number of WBC is multiplied by the percentage.

Instances when the neutrophil count is low, the risk of disease increases and this condition is called neutropenia. Next time you notice that the ANC count is low, look for symptoms of neutropenia such as high fever (known as neutropenic fever), sweating, shaking chills, body pain, general tiredness, frequent urination, shortness of breath, redness of skin, and so on.

If you are neutropenic, you can take care by doing the following:
• Wash hands as frequently as possible
• Check your body temperature at least once a day. Take note of any fluctuations and notify your doctor immediately. Do not consume any medicine for the fever without medical consultation.


• Shower Daily. Use unscented lotion after bathing to avoid the skin from drying and cracking.

You can always fight a disease if you know that you suffer from it. This is where an ANC Calculator comes in handy. So, if you notice that you suffer from one or more symptoms of Neutropenia then consult a doctor to gauge the ANC count and ideally raise the neutrophil count in your blood.

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ANC Calculator, Calculate Your Neutrophil Count


Absolute Neutrophil Count, ANC Calculator.  Input your data in fields below to calculate your ANC.  Below is the formula used for calculating your ANC.








Formula Used:

ANC (cells/mm3) = [(Neutrophil % + Band Cells %) x Total WBC] / 100


ANC – Absolute Neutrophil Count
WBC – White Blood Cells

As Stated Throughout our website if ANC Count = less than 500 the patient is at high risk for infection from any number of pathogens

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