A Guide to the Causes of Low Lymphocytes

Summary: Acquired diseases such as AIDS, blood cancers or autoimmune diseases cause low lymphocytes.  Inherited genetic anomalies feature in known causes of this disorder.  Prompt diagnosis and early treatment can prevent life threatening diseases that occur as  a result of the condition. Low lymphocytes are a medical condition by which there is a decreased value of …

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Overview on Low Lymphocytes

Summary: Low lymphocytes are a condition characterized by inadequate presence of T lymphocyte in the bloodstream.  The causes are congenital and acquired.  Those that are most susceptible are people that engage in risky behavior or children born with certain rare disorders. Lymphocytopenia is the medical term for the condition of called commonly as low lymphocytes.  …

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Managing Low Lymphocytes

Summary: Coping with low lymphocytes in the body requires the advice and supervision of your physician. It calls for strengthening the immune system by attacking the underlying cause of the condition. People with low lymphocytes are susceptible to life threatening infections.  Lymphocytes are cells that form part of the immune response of our bodies.  There …

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A Discussion on the Symptoms of Low Lymphocytes

Summary: Low lymphocyte per say does not cause any symptoms.  However, the outcome of having this condition compromises the body’s immune system leading to disease manifestations particularly of the infectious nature. When we talk about the condition of low lymphocytes we are referring to the medical disorder of lymphoctyopenia.   Lymphocytes are part of our white …

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A Silent Threat: Low Neutrophils

Summary: Low Neutrophils is quite common in today’s world. The causes could be several but the end result is a drastically low Neutrophils count. It is a very hazardous condition and should be avoided at all cost.   Low Neutrophils means that their presence in one’s complete blood count is low. Neutrophils are white blood cells …

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Low Neutrophils: Its Effects on Children

Summary: Low neutrophils in the blood stream causes a medical condition called neurtopenia which increases risks of infections. In children, these infections can be fatal. There are ways to treat this condition after the reason for neutropenia is found out. A low count of neutrophil in the blood stream is medically termed as neutropenia. 45 …

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How to Cope With Low Neutrophils?

    Summary: Low count of neutrophil cells in the human blood is the prime cause of the deadly disorder called Neutropenia (Leukemia). Abnormal rate of production and destruction of the white blood cells is the main reason of this low count. Treatment procedures for low count of neutrophils include bone marrow biopsy, blood tests, …

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Low Lymphocytes – During Blood Test & Pregnancy

Summary: In the vertebrate immune system a white blood cell namely lymphocyte is found. There are three different kinds of lymphocyte found in the body which is natural killer, T cells and B cells. Their part of complete blood cell count. Increase in the level of these cells is known as lymphocytosis whereas decrease in …

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Symptoms of Low Neutrophils

Summary: Low neutrophils results from many causes. It is usually the condition of reduced WBC—white blood cells in blood count. Symptoms include regular fever, inception of other diseases and many other things that would be discussed further.   Low neutrophils are regularly found in people now-a-days. It is the reduced count of WBCs—white blood corpuscles …

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Neutropenic Fever-Misdiagnosis During Chemotherapy Tale of Survival

Febrile Neutropenia more commonly referred to as Neutropenic Fever can be deadly when untreated.  Here is a first hand account where misdiagnosis in a patient also undergoing chemotherapy for Multiple Myeloma almost cost him his life due to the fever leading to neutropenic sepsis.   Classic symptoms of Neutropenic Fever were present, originally with a …

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